Process Development

Swenson process and development

Rigorous process development is critical to the success of the implementation of new production schemes. Swenson is a leader in the application of evaporation and crystallization processes for the production of a variety of chemicals. Our process engineers work closely with our clients to understand their needs and develop process designs that can effectively be implemented to achieve quality or recovery requirements.

Depending on the stage of the project, Swenson process development resources can support the client through the proof of concept to definitive feasibility study level.


For every installation, Swenson engineers combine their years of experience with proprietary design information, plant operating data, and state-of-the-art modeling software to develop innovative and dependable solutions for our clients.
Swenson has long recognized that the information available through testing is crucial to the success of the ultimate full-scale application and has maintained test facilities throughout our history.

The Swenson Test Center, located near Chicago in Harvey, Illinois, is equipped for laboratory analysis, bench-scale process development in glassware, and research and development as well as pilot scale operation. We can perform feasibility testing of virtually any product in either laboratory or pilot scale and have worked with more than 700 different compounds.

Swenson uses internally developed design methods and software such as OLI to simulate complex aqueous chemistry. Running simulations helps to refine the process before the customer makes an investment in capital equipment.

Testing – Glassware

Data Exploration and Software Simulation

Glassware testing helps to provide proof of concept and to gather other necessary data such as yield, purity, loss on drying, and crystal morphology. Testing starts as a batch process and may be run as a continuous process when necessary. Data from glassware testing is used to further refine the process calculations.


Pilot Testing

Pilot testing is utilized to gather data necessary for plant design that cannot be acquired in glassware, such as crystal breakage, centrifuge data, and heater fouling. Pilot testing is usually done at 20 liter scale but also can be done at 1000 liter scale.

Process Design/Equipment Sizing

Swenson engineers utilize the data gathered from testing to design the most cost-effective system for the customer.

Benefits of Testing

The Test Center is equipped with everything necessary to turn a liquid feed into a dry solid. Operational tests are designed so that the test product will resemble the final product as closely as possible for customer evaluation.

Using these test results, Swenson engineers can assist customers in making knowledgeable decisions and recommend the appropriate equipment. Your solutions may be tested in these various models, the results compared, and the best design offered for the required product characteristics.