Swenson process and development

Swenson Technology is  a global leader in the design and supply of chemical process equipment for separation. We specialize in designing and installing innovative systems to convert liquid solutions into dry solids using evaporation, crystallization and drying.

Thousands of evaporators, crystallizers, dryers and other process equipment have been installed around the world and bear the Swenson name. Swenson equipment is designed and fabricated to provide optimum results under customer specified operating conditions. Each project is unique and requires its own unique process design solution.

For every system, Swenson engineers combine their years of expertise with proprietary design and operating data and state-of-the-art software modeling to develop innovative, dependable solutions for our clients.

We have the capability to handle project scopes ranging from process development, engineering studies and packages to equipment supply as individual components, modules, complete systems and turn-key installations.

We have long-established relationships with strategic suppliers and partners to execute projects with local coordination and global sourcing.